"It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you." ~Zig Ziglar


Science Fair January 29th 
January 29th - Progress Reports

Alcorn County Tournament Tuesday and Thursday with finals on Saturday at Biggersville

January 21st
5:00 pm 7th Boys Kossuth vs Alcorn Central
6:00pm 7th Girls Alcorn Central vs Corinth
7:00pm 8th Girls Alcorn Central vs Corinth
8:00 pm 8th Boys Kossuth vs Biggersville

January 22nd
5:00 pm 7th Girls Kossuth vs Biggersville
6:00pm 7th Boys Corinth vs Biggersville
7:00 pm 8th Girls Kossuth vs Biggersville
8:00 pm 8th Boys Corinth vs Alcorn Central

Saturday January 25th 
10:00 am 7th Girls Championship
11:00 am 7th Boys Championship
12:00 pm 8th Girls Championship
1:00pm 8th Boys Championship